Why should I switch to natural soaps ?

Commercial soaps don’t retain the glycerin formed during the manufacturing process.These soaps are made in large batches, and are laden with chemicals, surfactants and detergents, synthetic colourants, chemical fragrances.  Some of the chemicals used, can be toxic .They form a build up on our skin and hair which may contribute to illnesses.. All these chemicals, when washed off, disturb the balance of our ecosystem .

But ,in natural soaps, the glycerin  formed during the soap making process,is retained in the soap. Glycerine is a natural humectant and draws moisture from the environment this keeps your skin moisturized even  hours after shower . Natural soaps are made of completely natural ingredients which good for our skin.Natural soaps are biodegradable and hence are environment friendly.

Why are Soulace soap bars not as hard as the commercial soap bars?

Soulace soaps are not as hard as commercial soap because they retain glycerine in them which draws moisture and prevent it  from being as hard as the commercial soap . Glycerine is also the reason why natural soaps melt faster in the shower and also sweat in hot and humid weather.

Are all natural soaps the same ?

Some so-called “natural soaps” may  smell  amazing  and have lovely colours.The appearance and fragrance of these products  should not become the buying force behind your decision. Understand that these products may use  artificial fragrance oils and colorants in their soaps.  The so called natural oxides are primarily created in a laboratory to produce a natural mineral like colour. This is done to prevent exposure to other potentially hazardous elements in the naturally-mined oxide such as lead and mercury. These oxides are marketed as all natural. But we at  Soulace ,use we only use herbs and clays to colour soaps.

What is LYE ? Is it not a chemical ?

The chemistry behind soap making – All soaps undergo a chemical process called saponification. During this process oils and fats combine with LYE (Sodium Hydroxide) to form a salt of a fatty acid. The final product has no free floating oils or Lye. It is completely different product by the end of saponification.

Why does my soap lose its fragrance ?

Soulace uses essential oils to  impart scent to our soaps. These  essential oils are from natural extracts- they not only provide fragrance but also lend the benefits of the extract. These oils are highly volatile and  also evaporate quickly. These oils are very sensitive to light and may sometimes lose their scent or become light too while they sit in your shower. Some soapers create a blend of fragrance oils with  essential oils to make it stick to the soap and continue to give fragrance but we at Soulace don’t prefer to do that.

How is Soulace soap different from other natural soaps?

Soulace products are truly natural in the real sense of the word. They contain only cold-pressed oils, organic raw butters, essential oils,  herbs and clays. We do not use synthetic fragrances, or any pigments, oxides or mica to colour our products. All colours are derived from herbs and other natural ingredients.

Most Natural soapers work with the ready base using melt and pour technique . There is no control on what is added to this base.  At soulace we have complete control of our oils and the preparation starts from the scratch. Also Using the hot process of soap making allows to choose what nourishing oil or butter ( superfat) we want to use  for nourishing the skin. These are added after the soap is cooked making sure that these are left intact and beneficial to the skin along with essential oils and herbs . So they do not lose their smell or their benefits.The hot process soap makes is a rustic looking bar,

How can I make my soap last longer in the shower ?

Natural soaps do not have surfactants and detergents hence melt away very soon . To prevent this, you can  store in dry place away from water in a well draining soap dish. You could use a soap sleeve to use the last bits of soap or a loofah and lastly you can cut the soap in halves or even thirds and use one piece at a time .

Why do my eyes sting in the shower when I use natural soap

Soap is a lot more basic than the pH of your eye .This means that on the pH scale, it is usually above 7 ,With 7 being neutral,  Above 7 being basic and Below 7 being acidic. Because soap is a base, it burns when it comes in contact with your eyes. In response, your eyes tear up in order to restore a normal pH balance.

Will my skin conditions RASH, ACNE, ECZEMA be cured?

We have received a lot of positive responses from our clients telling us that SOULACE products have helped their skin issues. But we make no claims that our products cure any medical conditions. However we strongly believe that a switch to natural handcrafted products will really help you.


Let us understand the natural ph of our skin. It has a acidic ph of 5.5. This helps protect our skin from fungi and bacteria.

Many commercial soaps claim that they have ph balanced soap. Now we know that commercial soaps are drying as they are stripped of glycerine. These soaps are unnatural and filled with chemicals. The skin pH is disturbed due to the presence of these chemicals and it reacts by drying out.  

In Natural soaps we have glycerin left intact within them and we also have extra oils left within to moisturize our skin. Glycerine has a tendency to draw moisture back to the skin.

Our body has a amazing ability to repair itself and our skin starts re-secreting within minutes of our shower and corrects the pH. A classic example is when we go swimming our skin wrinkles up because of the ph imbalance caused by water. However it repairs itself within minutes of stepping out of the pool.