How to get rid of dull looking Skin

Of the many reasons for a dull looking skin, the most common reason is lack enough sleep. Make it a point to REST atleast 8 hours on a daily basis . It is when we sleep that our cells repair and get rejuevenated.

Just like our rest of our body our skin is a reflection of our inner health.  A diet lacking in vitamins and minerals can make you look listless.   Ensure that you eat a well balanced diet with  coulourful veggies a part of your daily diet.

Keep yourself well hydrated making sure you drink plenty of fluids this helps maintaining a supple skin. Drinking Booze and caffeined drinks can dehydrate your

skin .  Having a high consumption of sugar in your diet can lead to breaks down of collagen and elastin.

Exfoliate dead skin regularily, Use a good  scrub  on your face  and body . This will not only remove dirt and pollution off your face but will help to keep your pores open.

Lastly use a simple face mask to detoxify your skin

Here’s my Favourite mask recepie

1 tbspn gram flour (besan)

1/4 tspn tumeric powder ,

1 tbspn fresh cream/ milk (for dry skin OR just add water for oily skin)

Mix the above ingredients and let them dry , Rinse after 20mins.

This is a age old recipie passed down from my grandmother.. it has the goodness of  turmeric which acts as a inflammatory  as well as antioxidant  it removes all free radicals and keeps skin glowing. Gram flour will cleans the skin while cream and milk will have a counter effect on the drying effect of gram flour and nourish your skin.






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